the concept


Be still be inspired

Welcome to kudan house where inspiration and creative meet

Located in Kudan, Tokyo, kudan house is a private members’ club based in the historical mansion, home of the late Mankichi Yamaguchi and his family.

Built in 1927, the Yamaguchi home was built with the latest technology and creativity of its time, poured into every wall, floor and furniture. Its rich history and artistic beauty, together with the unique location in the city, make kudan house distinctly attractive and multi-dimensional.

While holding true the creativity and the old values, new relationships with weak ties will be created, providing you with time full of comfort but inspiring all the while.

Be a witness to new values, culture, and history in the making.
Experience it all - the creative minds of Tokyo and the world, welcome.




Find comfort in history

kudan house was first built as a family home to the Yamaguchi family.
Designed with the comfort that will last for generations to come,
Both gatherings and private time can co-exist (cohabitate).

Here exists the true sense of comfort rooted in history, uncommon in modern buildings.

Step into the house,
and feel the time flowing between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Time for yourself, time with friends, time to meet new connections.
Quality time with the freedom to do and be whatever you want.




where intelligence &
sensibility meet

The nine steps and the Kudan Mansion which both existed in the Edo period is how this area became to be called ‘Kudan.’
It has a history of connecting places of education and a bustling commercial area

The Budokan, the National Modern Art Museum and the Yasukuni Shrine along with office buildings are in the vicinity, connecting history and the future as one.

The former Yamaguchi House, kudan house, is a historical building, a one-minute walk from the stone lantern, the landmark of Kudan.

The balance between quiet and bustling hours of Kudan make it a unique location in Tokyo.




The strength in the weak

When different values and new relationships meet, innovation is born.
The connection and quality time you cannot find elsewhere – what we want to create inside kudan house.

Leave your comfort zone behind, and a new world will open up - full of opportunities to meet new people, learn about new values and find new things to peak your interest and intrigue.

Identities mesh, intelligence, and excitement meet, creating stimulation all around.

Connecting with loose ties that won’t tie you down.
A platform full of possibilities for the new days to come.